Russian Beauties Chinese Women Dating Sites eHarmonyOur free URL shortening service provides links a full 7 characters shorter than TinyURL and similar sites.  In social sites like Twitter, every single extra character adds to the power of your message.

We have created this site TPA.US to promote pro-American, anti-socialist, educational efforts using short, self-branded URLs and grants a limited, permissive license to others to use it pursuant to our Terms of Service.

The system we have developed will allow Conservative American Patriots to quickly convert long URLs into the World’s Shortest URLs through the use of innovative shortening techniques. Simply paste in the desired URL, the Click to Shorten and you’re done.  It is effortless, then, to use the shortened URL on Twitter, FaceBook or other social media and in your email.

The only way that Americans can get the truth out is through private efforts such as patriot groups working on their own.  The presstitutes in the so-called mainstream media are virtually all socialists who will not fairly and fully explore news events unless such coverage has been authorized by the White House and other entities such as public sector labor unions.  Thus, it is vox populi that we rely upon and hope will use this service and it is vox populi who will rally to save the greatest nation on the face of God’s earth!